Best Deals on Keurig Coffee Makers

Photo of the new Keurig K550 bundle

Although our site focuses on how to repair Keurig brewers we do purchase the brewers ourselves, we currently have two. And so when we are in the market for buying a new coffee maker, like most other people, we are on the look out for the best deals going at the time. Just recently we purchased a new Keurig 2.0 series K550 brewer and in January spent some time looking around for the best priced item we could find. So we thought we would share our experience with our readers, hoping this might help a few people along the way.

Our first port of call whenever buying Keurig products, including spare parts for the demonstrations and repair guides, and our regular purchase of K-Cup packs, is We do tend to plug this site quite a bit on our site but we find it very good and have never been let down by their customer service when on the odd occasion a transaction hasn’t gone to well (and a disclaimer note here, we do earn a small income from and affiliate programs). But nonetheless we use them for our own purchases and found them very good. and

For our K550 we did end up buying through as overall we found them the best deal. As you can see from the photo above for the price we paid (just under $190), we received quite a lot in addition to the brewer itself. We did find the machine itself, with nothing else included, cheaper from other online retailers. Notably and (which we see now has this bundle at a cheaper price, being around $150 – excellent value!).

We don’t mind using for our smaller purchases, in particular spare parts that tend to be more plentiful on ebay. However for large purchasers, like brewers, we haven’t tended to use them in the past. I guess this isn’t a well placed view as a few transactions that we have been a bit scared from in the past were a number of years ago when the protection to buyers on ebay wasn’t as good as it is today.

Photo of the LCD and top of a K550 coffee maker


The other place you might want to look at is Keurig themselves. In the past we haven’t found them as competitive on price. At the time of writing this article in mid March 2015 they still have the K550 at just shy of $200 – and not including as many extras as what you can receive from the three retailers above. Having said that you can join their Keurig Club and purchasers, in particular brewers, do earn some nice rewards that you can put towards future purchases (it’s a bit like a frequent flyer program).

It’s a good idea in signing up for the Keurig Club as they email out coupon and promo codes on a regular basis.

JC Penny

At the time of buying in January JC Penny had a good sale on for Keurig brewers and they are still better priced than Keurig as you get more extras included in the Keurig K550 bundle for the same price, including shipping. We like their service and have a tender spot for JC Penny – must be going back to childhood days or something.

Best Buy

The last place we looked was Best Buy as we have purchased electrical appliances, gadgets, etc from them over years. With the Keurig purchase though we didn’t find they could match what was available online and their price and offering was more in line with JC Penny and Keurig. At the moment they are still pricing the K550 bundle at just under $200 and for us the online offerings were too good to turn down.


There is no one place that will always ensure you have the best price for Keurig brewers all the time. Specials, coupons and discounts come and go and so its really just the normal searching that will bring the best value at the time. We have set out our favorite places to look and continue to use them when we are in the market for buying coffee brewers.

Thanks for reading and as always we appreciate any feedback (good and bad) about our articles and site and would love to hear from you. Please use the comments section below.

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