How Many Keurig Brewers Does One Need?

Photo of a pile of Hortons K Cups

We haven’t done much posting of other videos on our site to date, but it is something we are slowly working on – in particular those we feel will really help our customers solve the problem they are having with their Keurig machine. At this stage we are focusing on our own repair guide material, including detailed instructions with photos to follow.

On a lighter side of things though we came across this clip on YouTube and wanted to share it with you. We have friends who have 1, 2 and even another who has 3 Keurig machines he has collected over the years. But we think the guy in this clip probably wins for the most Keurig brewers in one place. I mean, this guy must have gone through a ton of coffee in his life or maybe just likes the machines so much its a collection thing.

In any case, K-Cup coffee machines is what he likes and good on him for sticking it on the net. Enjoy the short clip below …. and if you need any second hand spare parts for your Keurig, he might be your go-to guy!