Replacing Keurig Entry Needle – A Simple Guide

Damaged or misaligned entry needle …

In this guide, we will be replacing the entry needle and the top assembly of your Keurig. Compared to some of the other repairs that these brewers require, this is relatively straightforward. It should take around 20 minutes to complete.

Problem to Solve

Creating a larger hole in the K-Cup or coffee grounds in your cup can result from a damaged or misaligned entry needle or top assembly. If a re-alignment has not worked, nor a new entry needle gasket,  then a new entry needle might do the trick.

Parts and Equipment


You are best to purchase the entry needle as a complete unit, attached to its top assembly tubing and mounting. We buy our replacement parts through or and have found both excellent in range and price.

The part you require is pictured below and costs typically around $20. If you would like more details and a comprehensive list of replacement parts for your Keurig, have a look over at a replacement parts page for more information.

Photo of an entry needle on a B60


The only piece of equipment you are going to need is:

  • a Philips screwdriver.

Steps To Take

Step 1

The first step is to switch the brewer off; we don’t want any surprises as we work away. Make sure we are working on a nice flat and hard surface. We like to have the brewer on top of an old towel, as this helps to absorb any water leakage and means the plastic surfaces don’t get scratched when we place them down.

Photo of a B60's power plug unplugged

Take the water reservoir off and the drip tray to avoid them falling off and getting damaged or getting in the way.

Photo of the drip tray and reservoir removed from a Keurig B60 brewer

Step 2

Lay the brewer down on its back and pull the handle up so that it opens the portion pack holder (as if you were going to place a K-Cup into the machine). Take the K-Cup holder out (the K-Cup holder and portion pack holder are the same things).

Photo of a B60 laying on its back for repair

Looking now up where the entry needle is, you will see this part of the brewer is held together with two screws, as pictured below. We need to remove these two screws. Once out, keep them aside, as we will need them to put the new entry needle assembly back in place.

Photo of B60 brewer's entry needle and screws that secure the top assembly cover

Photo of the top assembly screws being removed from underneath

Step 3

You shouldn’t have to remove the handle, but instead, the top assembly cover should lift out and forward. Be gentle with this; it can be a little fiddly but should come away nicely.

Lifting the top assmebly cover and handle from a B60

You can see the tubing runs from the boiler unit, along with the top assembly, and into the entry needle. Once the brewer heats the water, you can select a cup size. When you place a K-Cup into the portion pack holder, the air pump forces the water from the boiler unit, along with the exposed tubing you now see, through the entry needle and into the K-Cup.

Photo of the top assembly with the cover removed

Step 4

We now need to remove the tubing from its connections at both ends, from the entry needle and the top of the boiler. It is easier to do this with the tubing still secured with the two screws you see on the part, so we’ll remove the screws shortly.

Gently separate the tubing from the boiler unit first; we like to use a flat head screwdriver for this. First, move the plastic collar up and once that is off, remove the tubing from the connector. Keep hold of the plastic collar piece as we will use that on the new top assembly section you have purchased (unless, of course, the one you have purchased has come with them, but they often don’t).

Photo of the top tubing coming from the boiler unit

Photo of the entry needle removed from boiler

Move to the other end of the tubing and disconnect it from the entry needle connector. Using the same approach before a flat head screwdriver, remove the plastic collar and the tube itself from the connector.

Photo of top assembly tubing connection into the entry needle

Photo of the top tubing removed from assembly

Step 5

The last part of the detachment process is to remove the two screws now securing the tube to the top assembly. Again, hold onto these as we will use them to attach the new tubing section.

Photo of the top assembly screws being removed

Photo of the whole top assembly tubing removed from the housing

Photo of the screws that secure the entry needle being removed

Photo of all parts that make up the entry needle assembly

With step 5, the tubing and entry needle sections should come away, leaving you now with the space to piece in your newly purchased section. You are now halfway through replacing the Keurig entry needle.

Step 6

We find it easier with this process to follow the steps in reverse order. So feed the tube section through the entry needle space and lay this into place. This should bring the entry needle and gasket into place in the top housing. With the two screws you had from Step 4, attach the entry needle section into place. Don’t be too forceful with the screws; they don’t needle a gorilla grip but rather tight enough to stop the entry needle from moving around.

Photo of the entry needle screws going back in

Photo of the entry needle tubing being replaced

Step 7

Take the end of the suction tube, make sure the plastic collar is in place, and attach it to the boiler connector. Then bring the plastic collar back down and ensure a good tight fit. There is a lot of pressure coming through this coupling, so we want to ensure this connection withstands it.

Photo of the entry tubing being placed back on the boiler unit

Step 8

With the entry needle secure in its housing and the tubing fitting back in place, now we need to secure the tubing with the two small screws you had from Step 5.

Photo of the top assembly top screws being replaced

Step 9

The last step is to place the cover back on top. Run a brew cycle through the machine first before hiding it all away with the top cover. If there is any problem, say from a loose connection, it will be much easier to spot this now.

If you would like to take this extra step, place the water reservoir and the drip tray back in place. Get some water into the water reservoir and plug the brewer back in, and switch it on. You can run just a water-only cycle, but we recommend using a K-Cup to ensure the correct water pressures.

Photo of a B40 Keurig Brewer with Top Handle cover removed

Step 10

Once you have had a test run and are happy, secure the top cover in place with the two screws.

Lifting the top assmebly cover and handle from a B60

Photo of the right side handle screw being removed

Photo of a Keurig B60 back on its base

And that is it. Hopefully, this guide has helped you in replacing the entry needle on your Keurig brewer. If it hasn’t, please get in touch with us using the Contact Us section, and we can see what the next step might be to get you back to making coffee.

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  • Marlo Vigadi ,

    To start with, you’ve left out a complete step where you remove the part being replaced! And your instructions to put it back together are NOT in the right sequence. You can’t hook the tubes back unless you put back the top needle first! What a waste of my time!

    • Andrew Shephard ,

      I’m not sure about your points. In step 5, the needle assembly should lift out, and you have the parts in front of you like the photograph shows. I don’t think a photograph is needed for that. And yes, in step six, I have assumed you know to put the needle assembly back in place before you get to the tubing. As I mention, reverse the process of steps 1 to 5.

      But thanks for wasting more time of your life in commenting on free material someone has put together to help strangers for little to no gain.

  • Greg ,

    Andrew, nice presentation, very helpful and appreciated!