Can’t Make Coffee – Brewer Only 90 Days Old!

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May 31, 2015


When trying to make coffee the water will not flow through the coffee machine. The reservoir is full of water. The machine is less than 90 days old.


Without going into too much detail for Richard here, the best course of action for any fault like this within one year of purchase is to get a replacement brewer from Keurig. There could be a number of problems with the brewer, including water pump, air pump or solenoid where the internal pressure is not being properly controlled or water level monitored.

We always recommend to our readers with a coffee brewer still covered by warranty (a useful article for explaining what your warranty with Keurig covers) is to use that warranty and get a replacement machine. In the case with Keurig we have not heard of them actually fixing a brewer, but rather they will just send out a new one. Even if you don’t have the original receipt (perhaps it was a gift) all you need is the serial number – and we show you have to find this in this article here.

The two main reasons we recommend a replacement rather than attempting a repair is that any repair you undertake will invalidate the warranty (which you might just need later) and starting out with a new machine is always going to better than sticking with one that is already causing you problems!

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