Exploding K Cups

Photo showing you a Keurig air pump for a B60




When ever I put in a k-cup to make a cup of coffee, when it comes time for the water to flow through the cup, I get the cup exploding open and coffee going everywhere. I have descaled the coffee maker and I have done a thorough cleaning only to have this happen again. I am ready to throw the coffee maker out.


We haven’t come across before the problem Ken explains with a very frustrating situation with his Keurig brewer. From what Ken writes it sounds like a water pressure regulation problem.

Water pressure is regulated in a Keurig through the air pump and solenoid unit. The air pump builds water pressure in the internal boiler unit, which then forces water out of the unit through the tubing to reach the entry needle. The water then passes into the K-Cup and then “should” move the coffee into your coffee cup.

The breakdown in the process with Ken’s machine is excessive pressure is being built in the boiler unit, which is then being forced into the K-Cup pod. The pods are designed for a certain pressure tolerance and in this case this is being exceeded.

Photo of the solenoid detached from the brewer with all tubes removed

The first solution we would suggest is trying the Keurig Burp or sometimes referred to as the “burp and slap”. This may help the air pump and perhaps the solenoid unit to be jolted back into correct operation. This process is generally designed for partial cup brewing problems, but it might just get the brewer back working without any repairs.

However if this doesn’t work then the next two solutions we would propose with this brewer is replacing the air pump first and then, if required, the solenoid unit. Unfortunately there is no reset button or setting that can be activated to try and bring the pressure setting back down. What is probably happened is the pump or solenoid unit has developed a fault.

Photo of a detached air pump from a B60

To replace the air pump we have a guide that will take you through each step required. And if it’s required, we have another guide that explains how to replace the solenoid unit. On the classic Keurig models, like the B60, these units are right next to each other and its very much worth testing the machine after the first replacement before putting all the covers back on. Just in case you need to then replace the other.

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