Gasket Washer For Keurig

Photo of a gasket washer for KCup brewers




June 18, 2015.


On my keurig, there is a sharp object that punctures the Kcup.  There is a washer between the sharp object and the machine. That washer came off.  Is there a replacement washer?


The washer that Agnes is referring to is often called a gasket washer and they can be cheaply purchased through sites like or One have one listed on our parts replacement page, providing further details (they normally sell for around $6.00).

The washer helps to provide a neat tight seal between the top assembly for the entry needle and the top housing of a Keurig. If this washer becomes damaged or lose then this seal can be broken causing either leakage and / or movement in the entry needle (for example causing a larger than normal hole in the top of the K Cup).

Photo of B60 brewer's entry needle and screws that secure the top assembly cover

Sorry we don’t have a repair guide for this process at the moment (must put that on the to-do-list) – but we will get one produced shortly.

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