It Won’t Pump Water Out

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June 6, 2015


I call you concerning my problem and when the lady answer and was very rude and was not much help. Just tried to sell me another one.  The pot is only little over a year old. For the price it should last longer than that. It was a Christmas gift was my grandchildren. Please contact me on what I can do to fix it. I thank you for your time.


Sounds like Connie has had the old “brush-off” from someone at Keurig Customer Service; not a good outcome and one Keurig needs to do better on.

What we always recommend when you end up in situation like this, in particular with a brewer that is around 12 months old, is call back (you will probably get a different person on the other end). If you are not happy with the outcome, ask to speak to their supervisor. And then just keep working your way up the chain.

We write this from personal experience and from a number of different reader over the years who have been good enough to write and let us know how they got on. We had one reader who received a brand new brewer, even thought the one they were having trouble with was nearly THREE YEAR OLD! They were just very persistent with Keurig.

So, if you are in a similar situation as Connie, this is what we recommend:

  • Before calling be clear in what you want. Do you want the brewer replaced, fixed or discount off a new one?
  • When you call explain clearly what the problem is with the brewer and what YOU want to happen next.
  • If you are not happy with their response (their normal approach is to offer you a discount off a new brewer), then ask for their supervisor. And keep going from there.

We always welcome hearing how our readers get on with their customer service experience at Keurig, so drop us a comment or an email – we would love to hear!

One last thing before finishing; we are in now way associated with Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Inc (who own the Keurig brand). We are here to help you the best we can, but please bear in mind we are just a normal Keurig customer like you and don’t have any more access to them than you do.

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  • Karen Goldhawk ,

    Water runs back into reservoir when trying to brew, minimal amount goes into cup.

    • Hi Karen and thank you for your question. It does sound like the brewer has either, or both, a solenoid issue and problems with the air pump. The solenoid is there to assist in the regulation of water and air pressure. While the air pump’s job is to move the heated water from the boiler unit, through the K-Cup holder, and then into your coffee cup.

      From what you describe it sounds like the brewer is protecting itself from pressure build-up by moving the water back into the water reservoir, then not leaving sufficient water pressure to put the correct amount into your coffee cup.

      What might provide a temporary fix is trying the Keurig Burp, which we have put together a guide for, to help assist in providing some temporary relief with air pump’s problems. You can find this guide under our repair guide section or by following this link here. If this doesn’t help solve the issue please drop us an email using the Contact Us form and we can then see what we can do from there.


  • Deeann Michelle Pearson ,

    I just fixed my machine that was doing this, my air pump wasn’t strong enough to blow the water through the plugged line. So I took it apart unhooked the lines and blew through it, which I know isn’t recommended but that’s how I knew it was seriously plugged. Then I took a paperclip and the second needle in the back of the head of the machine was clogged, dislodged it and blew it out. Put it back together and it worked great. Descaled the machine and now its brewing perfectly.

    • Deeann, thank you again for your comments and for letting us know what steps you took to get the brewer back working again. If it’s ok with you we would like to incorporate your feedback into our instructions so that it can help others.

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