K-10 Keurig Problems

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June 3, 2015


I found your website a great resource. When a leak and no pumping issues occurred in our K-10 I attempted to get into it to determine the problem (we’ve had it over a year). It, as far as I can tell, is impenetrable. I’m probably going to chalk it up as a learning experience, but have you attempted getting into those for other discouraged like minded people as myself?


We thank Andrew for his comments and question (it’s a rare event that we have any positive feedback – so we are grateful when it comes our way).

Unfortunately the K-10 (photo below) isn’t a brewer we have tried to get into yet. They are great little units and from our experience over the last few years have generally proved much more reliable when compared to their more complex and expensive cousins (like our trusty B60).

Keurig have certainly designed their machines to not be repaired. And it wouldn’t have taken much to allow this to easily take place. The thing that would make the world of difference is just enabling the outer casing to be removed with the release of a few screws. Instead of the difficult process that we documented in our repair guide dealing with this with the B60 range of machines.

At this stage we can’t help out with getting into and fixing a K-10, but if any of our readers out there have some experience with this do please drop a comment in or email if you can help Andrew out.


Photo of a Keurig K10 brewer
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