Keurig 2.0 Carafe

Photo of the new Keurig K550 bundle




June 6, 2015


We have a brand new 2.0 and our problem is when we try to use the carafe, it won’t brew a full pot. We have tried calling customer service but they say it’s probably the pod. The k-cup part works great but not the carafe.

HELP!  We are about to give up on this Keurig!


In preparing a response to Diana’s question we realized that we hadn’t actually used the Carafe on our new K550 (well not that new any more). I’m the coffee drinker in the household, while my wife prefers her English Breakfast or herbal teas.

So having actually now used the Carafe and had a look around the net to find others’ comments about using it, it does seem to produce a jug of coffee up to about 1.5 inches or so below the the top rim line. On the face of it I would have thought it would have come up higher, but this is more than adequate for my coffee addiction.

I wonder in Diana’s comment she experienced this or it was significantly below this again. If the latter is the case then there is certainly a problem with the air pump. I noticed in making the coffee this afternoon the pump did have trouble near the end and actually almost topped the brew process as it needed to rebuild pressure.

In this case the brewer should be replaced by Keurig at no cost to Diana as it will still be covered by their one year warranty. Check out our short article on the warranty, and it includes the toll-free number to call and have a chat with their customer support team.

We certainly don’t think its anything to do with the pod that Diana mentions the “helpful” people at customer service spoke about. As long as the pods being used are for the Carafe (like in the photo below) then there shouldn’t be any issue.

Photo of the english breakfast blend