Keurig Doesn’t Work

Photo of a Keurig K-300 Coffee Machine




I was given mine as a Christmas present Dec 2014. I tried it out for about a month and loved it. I don’t have the box and never had the receipt because it was a gift.  Since month 2 it has never worked right. I have wasted so many expensive cups of coffee, tea and hot chocolate because it beeps and they don’t register.  Then after the 10 try is comes out thick and when I try to add more water it doesn’t register. I’m a big coffee drinker and lived receiving it, but it was just a waste of my families money. How can I return it for a refund. I’m just not happy with your product.


Sounds like Tracy hasn’t had much fun with her Christmas gift; a shame as they are great machines … when they work.

Photo of the new Keurig K550 bundle

Although Tracy mentioned she doesn’t have the receipt, as most of us don’t when we receive something like this as a gift, this isn’t a problem and Keurig won’t worry about it. All they will require is a serial number. We have a short article on this, which you can find over here.

So all that needs to happen for Tracy to receive a completely FREE replacement brewer is to call Keurig Customer Service on their toll free number 1-866-901-BREW (2739). Also worth looking at is our article which explains the small print sitting in your warranty.

Just as one final point, as much as we would love to be sending out new brewers to our readers we actually don’t have anything to do with Keurig Green Mountain Coffee. We provide all of this content to help Keurig customers, just like us, who get rather let down by problems with their machines and their very limited warranty cover.