Keurig K10 Single Cup Brewer

Photo of a bright green K10 brewer




My Keurig K10 Mini Plus is dispensing water into the cup while the red light is still flashing. The water starts out cold and gradually gets warmer till it’s hot when the red light goes solid. The water is clear till that happens. Have about 1/3 cup of clear water in the cup before the brewing starts. Thanks for your help.


From what Ruth describes the K10 has a water pressure regulation problem. Unlike it’s bigger brothers, the B60 and B70 for example, the K10 doesn’t have a removal external water reservoir from which it stores, draws or can dump water in to. Instead the water reservoir forms part of the brewer from which the user can add cold water.

In this design the brewer doesn’t use the reservoir as part of its pressure regulation process, ie if there is excessive pressure in the system water, cold or hot, it can’t be put back in to the integrated water reservoir.

Instead the brewer will dispense the water out to the waiting coffee cup and use that as a means to relieve pressure inside the machine. And this is exactly what Ruth is experiencing with her K10 at the moment.

Solution 1 – The Keurig Burp

This solution was developed as a means to solving air pump problems and on the larger Keurig brewers. We have not heard back from any K10 owners as to whether it is successful on the smaller Keurigs. However, what we are attempting to do is jolt the solenoid back in to life and get it back to a proper regulation function. Any build-up of material in the solenoid might be dislodged through this process.

Although we don’t have a specific section for the K10 on this, our guidance material here can still be applied.

A photo of the keurig burp on a K550 brewer

Solution 2 – Entry Needle Cleaning

Although we don’t think this has anything to do with the problem Ruth describes, it is worth checking just to make sure. It’s a simple and free repair that might solve the problem, or at least perhaps not make it as bad.

We have a guide on how to clean the exit and entry needles (found through this link) and it takes you through all of the steps.

We are weary in recommending this approach as one has to be careful with how far to push the needle or pin up into the entry needle. Pushing a sharp object too far risks puncturing the inlet tube and causing more problems. The guidance material explains more about this.

Photo of a paper clip Cleaning of B60 Entry Needle

Solution 3 – Solenoid Replacement

If the other two solutions have not worked then we are back to fixing the water pressure regulation. The only permanent way of doing this is to replace the solenoid unit, which in conjunction with the logic or processor board, regulates air and water pressure inside the machine.

Unfortunately we do not have any guidance material to help K10 owners with this. However, literally we have just ordered a new K10 (through eBay) so that we can start to develop material to help people out. We’ll be developing guidance material like we have already in a Keurig Repair Guides section.

If you would like to be notified when we have this material finished please complete the “Subscribe to our site via Email” on the right side and we’ll be in touch.

A solenoid for this type of Keurig will cost between $10 to $20 (from eBay or Amazon); just make sure it is for the K10 / B31 Mini brewer.

Photo of a Keurig Solenoid