Lost Needle Washer – Keurig B40

Photo of a gasket washer for KCup brewers




May 31, 2015


I have a Keurig model B40. Problem is the needle washer fell out and I cannot find it. I searched all around the kitchen and I looked in the Keurig machine. I need another needle washer but I cannot find any listed anywhere. Can you help, where can i buy a replacement needle washer?


Ralph has a couple of solutions for the lose needle (this is the entry needle that sits up underneath the handle section).

Keurig B60 Entry Needle

The first is the washer replacement as Ralph asks about. Over on our parts replacement page there is a gasket washer that we list and these sell for around $6.00. Relatively easy to replace and it should get the brewer back into action no problems.

The second replacement, which could be a bit over the top in this case, is the complete replacement of the whole entry needle assembly. In cases where there is perhaps damage to the needle or to its mounting area, the replacement of this assembly is best. This part is also listed on our parts page as linked above.

Photo of an entry needle on a B60

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