Warranty for K40

Photo of a K40 coffee machine




Our Keurig  K40 was purchased for Christmas 2014. It is August 16, 2015 and all it wants to do is put hot water back in the reservoir. I have tried the burp technique, but it does not work. Hope to get a replacement.


The problem that Trent has with his K40 sounds like a water pressure regulation issue. Part of the brewer’s protection system is to pump hot water back into the water reservoir when there is an over pressure situation in the boiler. The solenoid unit deals with this in conjunction with the main logic board and its pressure sensor.

Photo of the solenoid detached from the brewer with all tubes removed

As Trent’s brewer is less than a year old it is of course still covered by Keurig’s one year warranty and he shouldn’t have any trouble receiving a new machine. Keurig don’t bother repairing their brewers as it is cheaper and easier for them just to send out a new one. We still think this warranty should be out to three years … but that’s a battle for another day.

Graphic of a one year warranty

All that is required when contacting Keurig is the serial number of the machine, so they can match it to their records. The serial number can be found quite easily and we have a short guide to help with this.

Keurig can be contacted on: 1-866-901-BREW (2739).