Won’t Fill Up a Cup of Coffee

Photo of a 6 ounce cup of coffee


Mary Ann


June 6, 2015


I tried to make a cup of coffee today the water came out in drips and didn’t fill the cup.  I have had this problem before and followed the instructions of the person I talked to but I can’t talk to anyone today.


We are a little late in getting back to Mary Ann about this problem (its been one of those weeks I’m afraid – and unfortunately our responses to readers’ questions has somewhat suffered).

What Mary Ann describes sounds very much like the common Keurig problem of partial cup brewing, a fault we have seen on a regular basis over the last few years we have been running this site (and its forerunner).

What happens in these cases is normally the air pump and / or solenoid units are giving the brewer problems in being able to deliver the correct pressure of water from the boiler unit to your coffee cup. We sometimes see this with the brewer being able to deliver heated water with no problems when the K-Cup is removed from the portion pack holder, but when the additional pressure is required the brewer really suffers.

We have prepared a short guide to solving this problem and this can be found by following this solutions link.


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