Keurig Troubleshooting – Solving Problems

Welcome to our site. Our goal and purpose here are to help you with all of your Keurig troubleshooting problems, with detailed guides, photos, and explanations on how to get back to making great coffee again. We have several options to help you along the way in getting your Keurig fixed as quickly as possible and back to brewing coffee as it should.

Problems with your Keurig Brewer

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Problems with your Keurig is our main problem-solving page. It covers all the common Keurig issues, fixes, and top tips to get you back to brewing great coffee. We can help you with Keurig’s problems, including the PRIME ERROR message, water discharging into the mug, weak tasting coffee, the dreaded NOT READY message, and removing the plastic taste.

Replacement Parts

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Some solutions to repairing your Keurig, such as the “burp and slap”, don’t need any replacement parts; however, others do. So if you need to fix a broken water pump or a power transformer unit, replace the top assembly, or removable the water reservoir, we provide a list of spare parts that we can recommend and advise on the problems they will solve. For example, if the entry needle makes a larger than a regular hole in the top of the coffee pod, a new entry needle assembly might be just the ticket.

Your Keurig Questions and Answers

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We are working our way through hundreds of answers we have provided to readers over the last couple of years. The types of problems that people have written in about include coffee grounds in their coffee, water only dispensing without a k-cup in the holder, milk being run through the machine, a full cup being produced when the small cup button is pressed, the top needle being misaligned and the blinking blue reservoir light.

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Our Repair Guides

Video Tutorials

There is a mix of both video and written guides (with plenty of photos) covering a broad range of repairs. We emphasize the need for safety in this work, including the obvious of the machine being unplugged and instructions, are followed carefully.

These repair guides take you through some of the more common questions we have received from our readers. These include removing the outer covering, performing the Keurig hack, replacing the transformer, and the more simple of where I find my unit’s serial number and how to replace the filter in the water tank.

How to Descale and Clean a Keurig

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Cleaning your brewer is an essential activity in keeping the machine in good working order and keeping your Keurig troubleshooting to a minimum. We offer you a step-by-step guide on carrying out a descale service, dealing with the machine’s more complicated and sensitive parts. So taking to the brewer with a can of compressed air is not one approach we recommend.

Entry and Exit Needle Cleaning

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We often receive questions about how to clean the exit and entry needles for these brewers. Our article goes through an 8 step process. Having tried the paper clip approach, we find it does work well, but there are a few things to check.

User Manuals (Care and Use)

Users Manual

These instruction booklets use to be listed on Keurig’s own site; however, these have largely been taken down. So we have provided you with a complete library of them here. Following the guidelines helps ensure understanding of what is involved with clogged needles and other Keurig troubleshooting issues.

Quick Start Guides


The QuickStart Guides provide you with all the steps you need to start your brewer for the first time. Most of these guides have been taken down from Keurig’s website, so we have a library for most of their makes. Please do ensure when you are using a water filter, the water level is taken to the fill line.

The Workings of a K-Cup

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A short article explaining K-Cup; how the water comes from the boiler into the K-Cup and your coffee cup. The construction of these pods is quite remarkable, from the seal through to the filtered process and exit spout.

Brewer Registration

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We didn’t register our machine when we first purchased it, but we wish we had. So we wanted to encourage our readers to take this easy step if they haven’t done so already. There are some nice little benefits to registration, and this article will take you through each of them.

Understanding the One Year Warranty

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A standard one year warranty is issued with these machines. And from what we read, it gets plenty of use from customers. Make sure you understand the warranty before undertaking any Keurig troubleshooting steps and make a warranty void.

News and Views

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We wanted to bring you the latest news about Keurig and other information that we felt you might find interesting. Some of the articles we cover include the best places to buy K Cups and the latest promotions and discounts.