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Thank you for visiting our site today, we do appreciate people stopping by. We know there is a lot of material on the net regarding how to fix a Keurig brewer and so we do have a lot of competition in this space. What we hope we can bring is easy to follow practical advice that people can actually use. We try to develop our own genuine content that we know works, rather than like many sites that just copy it from else where and you can tell they have no real idea how a Keurig brewer actually functions.

So a little about is. We started our original site back around April 2013 with it called keurigtroubleshooting.com. It was slow progress at first but it soon caught on and became popular with certain keyword terms on the net. In particular over weekends or public holidays this site would receive thousands of views.

Unfortunately the owner of the Keurig trade mark, Keurig Mountain Coffee Inc., wrote to us earlier this year (2014) and stated that we must close that site down due to their trade mark ownership. We obliged and created howtofixacoffeemaker.com later in the year. We still have 301 redirects from our previous site and you may have reached us through one of these re-directions. We have a post under Keurig News and Views if you would like to know a bit more about what happened here.

We got into building our original site and continuing on with this one because when we had problems with our Keurig B60 we found there was a general lack of quality practical advice available on the net. The starting point with Keurig’s own website was most disappointing with much of the advice being so obvious that it was next to useless in helping to solve the problem we had with their brewer.

So after seeing what was out there we started to bring together the better bits of advice and then working on our own B60 and learning from there. We have taken that machine apart so many times now that I’m still amazed it works. Its had most parts replaced as they either needed it or as practice for producing the material for our website. We have a growing, if now slowly, section on maintenance videos that we hope people will find helpful. It is quite difficult putting oneself in front of the camera, but the views are slowly growing on YouTube and so we hope people are getting something from them.

As you can tell from the accent I’m clearly not from the US, I was born in New Zealand. I’ve traveled a fair bit of the world, having worked in accounting and finance for many years and now aviation. They are both sectors where you get to drink a lot of coffee so I’ve got to know the many different brands of machines and coffee well.

As I mention on the home page this site is here to help you, so if you have any questions about your Keurig coffee machine or any feedback about our material please drop us a note. In particular if a part of the site isn’t working how it should or you think we could do something better please let us know.

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  • Daniel ,

    This is a Keurig k-compact: when it is plugged in the lights begin flashing in sequence , beginning with the power light, then large cup, then medium cup, then small cup. All the lights go off, then the sequence begins again. The ‘low water light’ does not come on. I have tried the 3 button reset but did not work. How long to press the buttons? Should they be pressed momentarily or pressed for several minutes? Thanks for your help.

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