Brewer Indicates Brewing But …

Photo of a cup of weak coffee




Our Keurig indicates brewing. But never does brew. Yes plugged in, water level is ok, reservoir is seated correctly. It seems to be hot just no water flow.


To solve this problem Tony ran three descaling cycles through the brewer and it came back to life. He used a 50/50 vinegar and water solution for the process.

Someone asked us the other day how do your set your Keurig to a descale cycle. Well, it’s really just running the machine like a normal brewing cycle but having a cleaning solution in the water reservoir and no K-Cup in the portion pack holder.

We don’t recommend using vinegar any more in this process and we notice Keurig don’t either and have in fact brought out their own cleaning solution. We don’t know why Keurig have made the change, but for us it was because we think the vinegar isn’t doing the internal components of the brewers any good; and we suspect why we see so many pump problems in the questions we receive.

The product we use in all three of our coffee machine at home (three does seem over the top), are soluble tablets marketed by Bosch (pictured below). We have found these very good and it is in fact the product recommended for Tassimo brewers.

Bosch Original Tassimo Descaling Tablets

The other product that looks good is the new one from Keurig, in particular their cleaning kit (pictured below). We haven’t tried the product ourselves yet but will do sometime later in the year.

Image of a care kit issued by Keurig for their brewers

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  • George Demchak ,

    How can you run a cleaning solution through the machine when it will not brew?


    I, too, can’t start a descaling/cleaning cycle when the coffee maker turns itself off before it sends water or cleaning solution from the reservoir. very frustrating and disappointing.