Keurig Repair Guides – Our Help to You

Welcome to our repair guides section. You will find a growing choice of guides to help you with your Keurig brewer repair. The manuals, over time, will include both written instruction in an easy to follow step-by-step format, along with a video to help you through the process.

If there is a particular repair you would like guidance on, please let us know through our Contact Us page, and we can see what we can do.

Explaining the Parts of a Brewer

Keurig B60 Brewer

An excellent place to start repairing your Keurig is to understand its significant components and the names of the different parts. Having a working knowledge of a Keurig brewer helps you realize what happens when it goes wrong and ensures you complete the correct repair.

Removing the Casing off a Keurig

Photo showing a B60's outer casing removed from the brewer

One of the most challenging aspects of repairing one of these machines is removing the outer casing and gaining access to the internal components; like pumps and transformers. In a two-part series, this guide shows you how to do this WITHOUT damaging the outside casing through drilling, sawing, or other destructive means.

Replacing the Air Pump Guide


In this guide, we take you through the steps of replacing your Keurig’s air pump. It assumes you already have the outer casing off and have a replacement pump ready to install straight away. All you will need is a screwdriver and some time to get your brewer back to working order.

Replacing a Keurig Water Pump

Photo of a water pump assembly removed from a B60 brewer

Leakage around the base of a Keurig brewer is often the result of a leak from the machine’s water pump. In this guide, we take you through the steps necessary to replace the water pump and all going well getting your Keurig back to making you great coffee. Like with all of our material, if you have any questions, do let us know.

Replacing the Inlet Filter


We have a short guide that takes you through the inlet filter replacement process. You may require this repair due to leaking around the base, the blue light to the water reservoir no longer lights up, or there is damage to the filter, blocking the drawdown of water from the reservoir.

Replacing a Keurig Solenoid

Photo of a solenoid attached to a Keurig B60 coffee machine

The replacement of the solenoid unit is similar to that of the air pump and often for the same reason – the key one being partial cups of coffee. This guide takes you through all the steps to get your Keurig back to working order. As the solenoid sits next to the air pump, replacing both, at the same time, may save future problems.

Fixing Your the Power Transformer

Photo of a power transformer from a Keurig B60 brewer

The Keurig not powering up or switching itself off during operation is often the result of a defective transformer. This guide takes you through the steps to replace the transformer and get you back to making great coffee. Once the outer casing is off, the detachment of the power unit is relatively straightforward and will offer your machine a new lease of life.

Replacing the LCD Screen and Logic Board

Photo of a LCD removed from the top panel of a B60

Sometimes, replacing the LCD and processing board is required to get your Keurig back into working order. If you can work through our guidance in removing the outer casing of the brewer, the LCD replacement is not difficult, and we can help with easy to follow steps.

Replacing the Handle Micro Switch

Photo of a micro switch from our B60

If your brewer sometimes works when the handle is placed down and sometimes doesn’t, it might need a handle microswitch replacement to get it back into proper working order. This “how-to guide” sets out 12 easy to follow steps to get you through the repair. This repair only requires the top covering off rather than the whole outer casing.

Replacing the Keurig Handle

Photo of sliding on a new handle for a B60 coffee machine

The replacement of the handle on your Keurig is an easy repair and will take around 10 minutes or so. This 7 step guide will help you along the way with lots of photos and descriptions. You can always get in touch if you need more help.

Replacing the Entry Needle

Photo of the whole top assembly tubing removed from the housing

With coffee grounds in your coffee cup or a larger than usual hole produced in the K Cup, replacing the entry needle might be just the thing. In this 12 step guide, we take you through each part of the process to help you along the way.

How to Find the Serial Number

Keurig Serial Number

If you have to contact Keurig Customer Service, they generally require your brewer’s serial number. This short guide shows you how to find it on your brewer, saving you the hassle when on the phone.

The Keurig Burp: Restarting the Air Pump

A photo of the keurig burp on a K550 brewer

A quick solution to getting the air pump back to life is a slap on the side of the brewer. This guide takes you through 5 easy steps to try. This approach doesn’t work for everyone’s Keurig problem, but it can help and is worth trying.

Replacing the Keurig Water Filter

Photo of a B60 water filter being washed before use

Although it’s pretty straightforward, we thought a short 5 step guide to installing the water filter might be helpful. With photos and an easy to follow approach, we hope you find this material of help. Always best to replace the filter every two months and never let it dry out.

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  • Alicia Gonzalez ,


  • Hi Terry. Thanks for your comments and question. The only product we have tried and now use for cleaning of all of our coffee machines is one made by Bosch and comes in a tablet form. We think this type of clean is much better than the vinegar based process. It may help you with clearing the debris in your machine. The link below will take you through to (we use them to buy this product) to show you what we mean. Let us know how you get on – be interested to know if this works for you. Thanks, Andrew

  • Natalie ,

    I just bought a keurig 2.0 and it made one cup of coffee and now won’t suck the water to brew anymore…. It says it’s brewing but nothing comes out and its brand new? What can I do to make it work again?

    • HI Natalie. Thanks for your question. Very frustrating when a new brewer doesn’t work properly. Fortunately your Keurig is still covered by a one year warranty and so you should contact Keurig Customer Service and get it replaced. Don’t go for a repair, rather insist on a new brewer. If you would like to follow the link below it will take you to another page on our website that explains what your warranty covers and the toll-free number you can call. Hope all goes well for you. Andrew

  • Michael Fox ,

    our K150 direct plumb keurig coffee maker has an error message that states check water supply. WE just replaced the coffee maker unit with the K155 as the old one broke. Not sure why this is happening. We need to stop and restart machine. It works for a while then the message returns. It worked perfectly for one day. THnaks

  • Roy Graydon Killam ,

    Looking for the o-ring around the piercing needle for a single cup brewer model 340. Can you help ? Thanks, Roy

  • Lindsey ,

    My Keurig 2.0 dispenses water while in the pre-heat mode. Water remains cold.
    Any suggestions?

  • Vince voci ,

    I’m trying to get a parts list for my k-90 Keurig coffee maker and also how can I order parts for this k-90. I need the water pump and the solenoid as my coffee maker will not pump water to the K-cup to make coffee.

  • KM Eshelman ,

    I have an old model Keurig. I’ve always used filtered water and did all my white vinegar cleaning. The problem that I have I’m fairly sure is a defective micro switch. I turn the machine on…it will fill with water and heat the water. The cup size selections both turn blue but will not flash to allow me to select anything. I’m assuming the micro switch is the cause…however, I cannot locate a replacement part anywhere. So two questions…do you agree with my assessment and if so, do you know where to get the switch?

  • Sanford Jones ,

    my keurig coffee maker lets coffee grounds in the cup, I removed the rubber seal, it has two rubber grommets connected by a thin strap. It does not seal, so I get coffee grounds in my cup of coffee.