Fixing Your Keurig’s Power Transformer

Bringing the brewer back to life …

A common problem with Keurig coffee makers is internal leakage from solenoid units onto electrical components. And unfortunately one of these components can sometimes be the power transformer unit. What we come across the most often is solenoid units, these little units assist in the transfer of water around the Keurig and maintaining water pressure, developing small leaks around their end seals. Even small drips over a period of time can cause some big problems. And the power transformer is often the victim with this problem.

As you may well guess this issue manifests itself in two ways. The first is the brewer will tend to just shut itself off with out warning. We find this is soon after power up. And the second is the brewer won’t turn on at all! In either case the transformer is normally the problem and the only solution to this is to replace it.

But not to worry, as we can take you through this process step by step. This isn’t a repair Keurig customer service will suggest, the machines aren’t designed for you to tinkering around inside. They would rather you go out and buy a new one.

Parts and Equipment Required


Pictured below is the type of unit we bought and this is also listed on our spare parts page. A new transformer from ebay should cost around $45.00.

Photo of a power transformer for a keurig brewer


All you will need to replace the solenoid unit is:

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Steps to Follow

Step 1

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  • Jeff Shantz ,

    any update for the transformer repair guide?

    • Andrew Shephard ,

      Hi Jeff … thanks for the prompt. I should get back to this. I’ve not been on the site much over the last “few” years, so it got forgotten. I’ll put it on the things to-do list. Regards, Andrew