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    Keurig Warranty Update

    If your Keurig is a year old or less you should use Keurig’s one year warranty. They are normally very good about replacement of faulty machines, no matter the problem you are having.

    Contact Keurig Customer Service at:

    • Mail to: Keurig, Incorporated. 55 Walkers Brook Drive, Reading, MA, 01867
    • Email :
    • Phone: 7 days a week, 7 a.m. – 12 a.m. EST Toll-free: 866-901-BREW (866-901-2739)

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    • Reynard ,

      Please contact me, I need support.

      • Andrew Shephard ,

        How did you get on with Keurig customer help?

    • Descale light on and Gary Martin ,

      Descale light is on and blinking tried to reset but continues to blink. Machine is only weeks old!

      • Andrew Shephard ,

        Assuming you have run through a descale cycle, I would call Keurig and ask them about it. Any problems with a machine still in warranty should always go back to Keurig. If it’s a fault in the brewer, they will send you a brand new machine.

    • Jeff Geske ,

      Great design………….. flashing lights that do not respond to the secret handshake. A simple reset button needs to be considered… pressing alternate buttons does not work..maybe rattling chicken bones could help.
      Jeff Geske

    • Dennis Booth ,

      Cup overflows about a 1/4 oz., will buy parts if you can tell me what I need. Has good water flow

    • Mike Bornholdt ,

      I have a Keurig K35 that is probably 9-10 months old and we used it in our RV when we went somewhere in it. We haven’t used it but maybe 5 or 6 times while in our RV and it just pumps water when you plug it in until it gets hot. We have one in our home kitchen that works perfectly but this K35 just doesn’t work like the home-bound one. I’ve tried everything there is to correct it as all the sites suggest but no go. What say you?