Keurig User Manuals (Use and Care Guides)

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We have had some feedback from some of our customers who would like access to the full owners manuals for their particular Keurig. They found that as helpful as the Quick Start Guides were to, as the name suggests, start using a Keurig they wanted more detailed information that would help them better understand their brewer, troubleshoot some problem or know how a certain function worked.

So we have put together a collection of the most popular manuals that we have either been asked about or often come up in discussions and forums. If we haven’t included your manual, or as Keurig refer to them as Use and Care Guides, then please do get in touch and we can see if we can locate it and upload it to the site.

You can contact us by either clicking here or by accessing the Contact Us option from the menu on the right hand sidebar.

Please note that as part of Keurig’s move to their Keurig 2.0 brewing system they have taken down many of the manuals to the “older” machines out there that many of us still use (interesting move). So the links that we use to have to Keurig’s website for these manuals then of course no longer worked and so we have had to go looking for these manuals elsewhere. Having tracked down the ones we could find, this is now one of the few sources on the net for these older manuals.

So what do the user manuals cover? Well they are normally structured into six sections.

Section 1

Helpful Hints: to be honest the material doesn’t really add much. It covers things like you can set the brewer to turnoff automatically or remove the drip tray if you want to fill a travel mug for a coffee rather than a normal coffee cup.

What is more useful are the unpacking instructions and these are worth a quick read through first off. Again, nothing common sense wouldn’t otherwise cover, but do have a skim over.

And finally a great piece from this section is a normally a diagram explaining each of the parts of the brewer with their names and what they look like. Very helpful and worth a look over.

Section 2

The second section gives excellent detail in how to set the brewer up and make the first brew. In particular if you are new to the Keurig machines then this is a must read. They normally cover purging of the brewer too, which is necessary when it has been sitting say for about week and water has been sat in the inner tank.

Section 3

This section looks at the controls and indicators on your Keurig.

Section 4

Cleaning and maintenance are covered in section 4, in particular the cleaning, de-scaling and storage of your Keurig.

Section 5

Some basic troubleshooting information is looked at in section 5. We do have more on our site and you can access our solutions section or by using the Keurig Coffee Brewer Problems option from the menu on the right side bar.

Section 6

The final section provides warranty details. We do recommend you register your brewer and if you access our Keurig Registration section by clicking here (or using the menu on the right hand side bar) we go through the benefits registration does bring.

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