Keurig Warranty – Understanding Your Rights

What is in the fine print …

In updating our page covering Keurig Registration, we noticed we had very little about the Keurig Warranty. So in this article, we detail what the Keurig One Year Warranty covers and what it does not.

Note: if you are on this page just wanting to know who to contact at Keurig so you can use the warranty, scroll down to the end of this article, and you will find the details. If you want to register your brewer, check our Keurig Registration article for more information.

What Are You Covered For Under a Keurig Warranty

Everyday Home Use

Keurig covers their K-Cup brewers for everyday home use, and their assurance is that it will work as it should with no defects in either how they put it together or the material and components used in that assembly. So, in other words, it should work as they describe it on the box!

Within One Year and Proof of Receipt

In giving this assurance, they promise to either repair the machine or replace it with a new one within one year from purchase. Keurig will ask for proof of purchase under the warranty terms. However, we have found from our readers Keurig doesn’t always insist upon this. In particular, if you received the brewer as a gift and didn’t receive a gift receipt with it. As part of any exchange or repair, they will cover the shipping costs.

United States and Canada

A big thing to note here for our international readers; this warranty ONLY extends to brewers used in the United States of America or Canada. An interesting question here would be a customer bringing a brewer into the United States or Canada they bought somewhere else. I’m guessing this would be unusual, as the brewers don’t generally sell outside these two countries. In any case, be wary of buying one of their brewers from outside of the US or Canada. From our understanding, they don’t have to cover you for any problems and most likely won’t cover any shipping costs. In these cases, you would have to rely on backup from the store you purchased the machine from.

Other Non-Keurig Brands

Now, if you happen to have a Cuisinart, Breville, or a Mr. Coffee machine, Keurig will only cover these units for 30 days. For any further warranty provision, you have to contact these respective companies.

What You Are NOT Covered For Under Your Keurig Warranty

Home Repairs

We want to highlight any repairs carried out on your brewer that Keurig does not do will void the warranty. So PLEASE DO NOT attempt any repairs on your machine if you are still under their warranty. We mention this in several places on our site, but we wanted to make sure you saw it here too. We repeat this message because, regularly, we hear from readers who are looking at making repairs, but when we ask, they are, in fact, still covered by the warranty.

After One Year?

Always get in touch with Keurig directly if you are under warranty or even just outside of it. We have heard from readers who have had brewers older than a year but still received a complete replacement, free of charge. We are not saying this is standard practice for Keurig, as we know of other cases where they have not, but it is always worth discussing first.

Commerical Use

Keurig also excludes commercial use, say in an office or for clients at the hair salon. They will, of course, exclude any damage caused by the machine being dropped or mishandled. For example, if you are shipping the brewer as part of moving home, this will not be covered.

We see readers’ questions where brewers no longer work coming out of storage or from a house move. In these cases, we believe you should still be covered as these situations are often the result in internal leakage from the machine’s solenoids as they maintain water pressure even when you think you have fully drained the machine. We feel this is a design fault as they provide no function to depressurize the brewer. This design keeps components under stress, and any defect in them can cause the machine to completely stop working due to no fault or action on your part.

Acts of God

Oh, and they don’t cover incidents like a power surge through your house, say from a lightning strike. They consider this an act of God and perhaps under their “inappropriate power supply” clause.

How to Access Your Warranty

So if you want to use your Keurig warranty, all you need to do is get in touch with Keurig by calling them on 1-866-901-BREW (2739) – this will get you through to their Customer Service center. They also ask, please don’t return a machine to them until you have received an ATR number – or an Authorization to Return number. They won’t touch the brewer unless it has one, so make sure that you have an ATR before shipping it back to them if they will repair your machine.

We trust this information is of help. If you have any questions or would like to share your experience in how you got on in using the warranty, please drop a comment below or contact us by email using our Contact Us page.

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  • Hi there. I see you have come to the warranty section of the site. How old is your Keurig? Thanks, Andrew


      Went through first descale of our Express Essentials and the machine would not stop flowing and ran the reservoir dry, shut off and will not turn on.

  • Carrie Byron ,

    Got the “White screen of death” on my 2.0. Called and talked to Dalton, who was very nice and they are sending me a replacement to arrive within 3-7 business days. Got the machine as a gift no receipt and I couldn’t remember if I registered or not but they did not ask. So much better than having to buy yet another coffee maker! He did say I will get an email and have to return one part though but I’m not sure what that is. Thanks for your instructions as to what to do on this website. Very encouraging and easy.

    • Hi Carrie. Thanks for the details in how you got on and for your feedback on the site. We really appreciate you taking the time to write – as so many never bother. Glad we could help and we hope the new brewer gives you much better service. Often the part they ask for is the portion pack holder (the part where the K-Cup goes in the machine). I can only imagine what they do with all of those parts that are sent back. Thanks again, have a great day. Andrew


    I received my keurig as a wedding gift. Year disappointed had it 2 years barely used it and now when I turn it on immediately shut off. I called customer and they offered nothing but 20% discount of a new one. Why would I purchase another keurig knowing the life span is not at all worth the price. It says expected life span is 5 years and I did not come close. Extremely disappointed!

    • Andrew Shephard ,

      Hi Taledra. That’s a pretty disappointing response from Keurig. They are so hit-and-miss at times. I think I’ve commented a few times over the years this warranty should be much longer. If you would like to drop us a few details about what the brewer is doing we might be able to get it working again – save you throwing it out. Regards, Andrew

  • Laura Lewis ,

    I would like to know if our replacement coffee maker has been shipped.