Removing the Casing off a Keurig

The most difficult task in repairing a Keurig …

There are a number of methods in removing a Keurig casing, and we cover the on here that works well for us. But please bear in mind, that they all involve a process that Keurig Mountain Coffee haven’t designed their machines for the general public to do, and that is get inside and fix them! Although not a sealed unit, Keurig brewers are difficult to get into and involve perseverance and patience.

The approach we take in detaching the outer casing is to release the inner clips that secure the case to the brewer’s superstructure inside. We found after much trial-and-error that a long thin Phillips screwdriver worked best in forcing the clips open. And they aren’t delicate thin clips that easily open; they are some pretty thick pieces of plastic that take some encouragement to comply.

Other methods we have seen tried includes the drilling of holes into the side of the casing, aligned to where the clips are, which breaks the connection and releases the case. This could work quite nicely, but you do have to make sure you are pretty close to aligned with the clips or you are going to end up with a few too many drill marks. Of course the drill holes don’t need to be too large and can be filled but a black rubber stopper.

The more brutal approach we have seen is a hacksaw to break the connection between the top and outer casing. This then provides access to release the clips. We don’t recommend this approach as it seems to make a mess of the plastic work.

We prefer our method as it means the clips can stay in tact and there is little or no external cosmetic damage to the Keurig; something we very much wanted to avoid.

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  • Rich ,

    This did not help with my model B31. Something attached to the center of the base plate prevents removing it.

  • Doron ,

    Good video! Not mentioned in this video is the size of the hexagonal tip, key, or driver needed to remove the two screws that screw down on the two side of the hole in the middle of the silver top cover. Would you post that here for future viewers?

    • Donna ,

      I do not see any video. Not sure if it is because I am on my tablet, but that has never seemed to matter before.

      • Andrew Shephard ,

        Hi Donna. Not sure why the video links aren’t on the page any more. So have updated with the embedded links form youtube. As you say, your tablet should display them without any problems. Thanks for dropping us a comment and letting me know about the video link problems. Andrew

  • RLG ,

    Thanks for the website. It proved to be very helpful to get started. You are right. The hardest part is getting the outside shell off. It took me 1-1/2 hours to figure it out. Some lessons learned would be next to the screw you have to remove way up inside thats holding the silver top on there is a clip just to the left of it. Once you remove the screw use a flat blade screw driver and pop that clip to let the front of the silver cover come up. Once you do that use a small flat blade screw driver get between the silver cover and the shell. Create enough of a gap to get a wood shim in between the silver cover and shell on the side where the LCD is. With the wood shim in gentle pry the silver cover lip outward and the black shell inward while working it around towards the back of the unit. Pressing the shell inward and the silver top lip out this will cause the two clips in the back to unhook and not damage the unit. Hope this saves someone some time and effort.

    • Andrew Shephard ,

      Thanks for the feedback on your experience. I hope this helps others too.

  • Julie Lynch ,

    Can you please send me the two YouTube links? The embedded links did not work.

  • The rocker switch on the lower right hand side of my brewer will not remain on. Sometimes I can hold it on to brew a cup, but not always.
    Can I purchase a replacement ?

  • nos ,