Brewer Will Not Brew When Used For The First Time

Not working out of the box …

When you use your Keurig brewer for the first time it needs to be “primed” We won’t go into the priming process here, but rather refer you to our Keurig Manual section. The Quick Start Guide for your respective brewer series will talk you through the priming process. The other issue to note is that if the brewer is frozen (ok, who put it in the freezer) or been stored at a very cold temperature, then it needs to be left for a few hours to bring it up to room temperature. Once its warmed its little feet it should turn on once powered up.

Keurig machines are very sensitive to cold temperatures and in particular to being stored for long periods without use. We have heard from a number of our readers over the past few years who have not been able to their machine working again after coming out of storage. We suspected in each of these cases there was water damage to one or more of the electrical components inside the machines and therefore causing a short on starting or in the case of the power transformer not starting at all.

As an aside, the other issue we have seem come up too is Keurig brewers don’t like being moved around much once they have been used. The main problem seems to be when the machines are moved as part of a house move. The water pressure that is maintained inside the boiler and tubing system of the machines seems to lead to leakage. So we always recommend when moving house, if possible, keep the Keurig separate to the main packing and try and it keep it upright at all times.

Keurig did not design the machines to be de-pressurised once they were started for the first time. So there is no way of being able to remove the pressure inside the machine, nor being able to drain all of the water inside.

Photo of the top tubing coming from the boiler unit

The only way we have been able to do this so far is take the outer casing and top assembly off and remove the outlet tubing, as pointed out in the photo above. My removing this tube the air pressure is released from the boiler unit and the water can be drained by tipping the machine upside down or be creating a suction vacuum pump to get all of the water from the boiler.

Not an easy process to do and does take some time. We think Keurig could have easily created a means of allowing the brewer to release all pressure and a manual drain for the boiler.