Excessive Leakage While Brewing

We have had a number of questions recently asking about leakage around the base of the Keurig while it is brewing, what is causing this, and how this can be fixed.

 When a Keurig has any sort of leakage around the base it is normally coming from one of three areas inside the casing. The first is the water pump, which sits normally in the base of the unit. The leakage often comes from the tubing connections to the pump rather than pump itself. What we have found in most of these cases is the the connection to the pump has split or become lose and so lost its proper connection.

The second area, very much related to the first, is a split or loosening of a tube connection further up in the machine. This can happen around the boiler unit and between the pumps. Certainly any hot water that leaks suggests that the tube connecting into the upper entry needle assembly has developed a fault and is allowing the heated water to drip down to the base.

The third problem can arise around the solenoid unit inside the brewer. The solenoid is used as part of the brewer’s mechanism of water pressure regulation. However they have proved over time to develop problems either on their sealed ends or again with a connection to the internal water tubing. The solenoid is one of the biggest causes of problems within Keurig brewers due to their unfortunate habit of developing leaks.

Solution 1 – Warranty Cover

This solution is common through all of our material on this site as we often hear from readers who either do not know they have a warranty from Keurig, think they are now outside of it or more commonly because they didnt registered the brewer when they first received or purchased it the warranty is no longer valid. In all these cases it is always worth getting in touch with Keurig Customer Service and discussing the problem with them. If you do come within their warranty a brand new brewer, sent out by them, is always more preferable than trying to fix a brewer that already has a serious fault.

Solution 2 – Fixing the Leak

The repair of an internal leak in a Keurig is going to require getting inside and first finding where is coming from and then repairing the fault. Of course getting inside the brewer itself is the hardest part, with the leak fix often being very straight forward.

To aid you to getting inside the brewer by getting the outer casing off we have developed a couple of videos to show you how we go about this with our trust B60. If you would like to follow this link the two vidoes you want to watch are Removing Casing Off a Keurig Parts 1 and 2. These coffee machines are not designed for you to gain easy access to the inside, so it does take some time and patience to work through it.