Keurig Leaking Around the Spout

Clogged and damage …

This problem with a Keurig comes from our reader Ryan, who wrote: “My Keurig K-Cup seems to be making coffee fine, but when it pours, it seems like it is leaking from around the spout as well as pouring from the spout specifically. It gets my cup and the bottom tray all coffeed up. Help?”

It’s the first time we have seen this issue, so we have spent some time looking at how it could arise and how to solve it.

As far as we can tell from this question, we think it probably stems from problems with the K-Cup holder (or portion pack holder as Keurig refers to it). As you can see from the photos below, the holder has a hex-shaped exit point that helps stream the coffee delivered under pressure from the K-Cup.


So any damage to the K-Cup holder, to the exit point or cracking, will cause problems with how coffee streams.


Solution 1

The first step is to ensure the K-Cup holder is clean and undamaged. Taking it out of the brewer and rinsing it in warm soapy water (and then well rinsed) will ensure you remove all particles and contaminants.

Solution 2

If cleaning the K-Cup holder doesn’t prove effective, or you can see damage on it, then a replacement is the next best option. Priced at around $6.00, this is quite a cheap option to getting back to making coffee, and it all ending up in your coffee cup rather than spattered about. We like to purchase our spares and brewers from and

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  • john b ,

    I got a new holder as you said. Still leaks. May be a problem with the newer pods. Older pods seem better. Still not convinced , though.