Keurig Not Ready Message – Solutions and Explanations

Sometimes you may receive a “Not Ready” message on your Keurig. Although there are several different triggers to this message, it is often associated with the brewer’s heating element. If you are wondering what a water heater unit looks like, see the picture below. This is a unit from a B70 model and sits inside the machine.

As part of the brew cycle, the machine will bring water up to 192 degrees Fahrenheit (89 Celsius) in the tank. We have found that a device will have trouble reaching the temperature or getting water into the tank in the first place.

We have three solutions to this problem so far. The first is the simple one (assuming the water tank heating system is fine), and we will cover this first. We have heard from readers who have had some success with this approach and others who have not. But, always worth a try first.

Keurig Water Heater

Solution 1

First, turn off the brewer and unplug it from the wall; then detach the water reservoir. After waiting at least five seconds, repeat these steps in their opposite direction by plugging the brewer back in, turning it on, and replacing the water reservoir into the unit. You will probably still have a “Not Ready” message, so press the menu button several times and lower the handle down. These steps are trying to check whether the water reservoir is correctly seated in its cradle. If it isn’t, the machine is designed not to draw water from the reservoir. This avoids possible leakage and burning out the water pump from overdoing it. The second thing this process is looking for is making sure the handle is down correctly. Again, if this is not down and “clicked,” then the brewer won’t go any further.

You should now be ready to go with your favorite brew. You can also now reset the clock etc., as is required.

Solution 2

The second solution to solve the “Not Ready” message on your Keurig came from Scott, in our comments section. We haven’t tried this, but Scott was very pleased with the result and got rid of the READY MESSAGE for him and back to making coffee.

  • Unplug the brewer and remove the water reservoir
  • Pick up the brewer and gently turn it upside down
  • Give the brewer a gentle shake, several times should do it
  • Turn it back over and place back on the bench
  • Replace the water reservoir and turn the machine back on.

The theory behind this approach is that there could be an air pocket trapped, preventing the machine from running through its proper cycle.

Solution 3

Our third solution looks at resetting the brewer’s algorithms and removing the loop it has found stuck in with the NOT READY message. We have not tried these steps regarding the message as it’s something we have not been able to reproduce with our B60. But we are told on good authority it does work.

Step 1

Press and release the Small Mug and Medium Mug buttons at the same time. Then press the Menu button THREE times. This should then produce on the LCD at the time of 6:09.

Step 2

Press the Menu button again, which should bring up the message BREW 0:00.

Step 3

Press the Medium Mug button again and hold it down. Now press and release the Menu button (but keep the Medium Mug button down). Now press the Small Bug button again and at the same time release it along with the Medium button.

Step 4

Without pressing the power button to turn the brewer off, unplug it from the wall. Now wait for at least 3 seconds and plug it back in. Turn the machine back on, and it should bring up the priming instructions.

Solution 4

Unfortunately, if you are now looking at this solution, it probably means the water tank heating system on your Keurig is causing the “Not Ready” message. The fault diagnosis can be challenging, so replacing the water tank itself is usually the approach taken. However, we haven’t tried this yet ourselves and don’t have any video or written help. We will be working on this, so we hope to have some guidance posted on the site “shortly.” If you have come across some material, we can pass it onto our readers through the comments below.