Cleaning the Exit Needle on a Keurig Platinum B70




April 22, 2013


Partial cup referred me to cleaning instructions on the exit needle. Cleaning say’s nothing about the exit needle. How do I clean it?


The partial cup of coffee is a very common problem with the K-Cup brewers, and it’s one of the most read sections on our website. There are two easy steps that can be taken first to see if this will clear the problem. The first is to clean the exit needle and the second is to run a descale or cleaning cycle through the brewer to ensure all of the lime scale or other deposits are cleared away.

In regards to cleaning the exit needle we have a whole article dedicated to this process and this can be accessed from this link or using the menu on the right hand side. We do have a word of warning on this process and you will see this under the update section, part way through the article. The issue we have found that can go wrong and cause a bigger problem is people pushing the paper clip, or similar cleaning tool, up to far into the needle and puncturing the entry needle intake tubing. Although its reasonably sturdy tubing, as you will see on the photo on the page, the puncture of the tubing around the 90 degree bend will really a cause water and pressure mess. Although a fix for this isn’t too difficult, it is a hassle and one most of us can do without.

The second step is to run a cleaning cycle through the brewer and again we have a separate article on this too. Under Cleaning Your Keurig Coffee Maker we set out an easy three step process that requires some time, vinegar, fresh water and a clean sink. It’s a process we put our B60 through about every 3 months or so and seems to keep it pretty clear.

Now if neither of these steps help get in touch with us and see if we can work out what might be going wrong. It could be the brewer isn’t building and / or maintaining adequate water pressure or some other issue inside.