Keurig B70 Not Working With Water Drainage




April 22, 2013


My Keurig about 2 yr. old stopped working. I noticed drainage into water container and nothing would work. The screen said brewing but no brewing sound. I used white vinegar to clean about 7 day ago. What can I do now?


With the problems Al describes the B70 having trouble with its internal water pressure. This issue can arise due to a number of different issues, but the most common being solenoid problems or air pump issues. The water drainage back into the water reservoir is a self protection mechanism that Keurig’s have that helps reduce overfill into the boiler unit and/or the reduction in pressure inside.

The brewing message on the LCD suggests the machine otherwise thinks everything is ok, which suggests at least the boiler unit and its associated heating elements are still in good shape. And the drainage of water back into the water reservoir suggests the water pump side of things is still working too. So having eliminated these couple of items as possible problems, in this case we would have to narrow it down to a faulty solenoid and / or air pump. If could well be the solenoid is linking (and hence having issues with pressure regulation) and this in turn could be impacting on the air pump.

In this case we didn’t hear back from Al and so didn’t receive any more information about when the problem started and how he went about the descaling process using the vinegar. It is very common for these types of issues to arise after a session of descaling.