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A Scary Good Deal

Keurig have announced their annual Halloween promotion. If you buy 5 boxes of selected K Cups you will receive the 6th free. This making it a reasonable 16{6c1d21b28c072de11df6e8c2943245f6562f7e83976247c978ee0544fdd5791f} discount. If you enter the promotion code below at checkout the discount will be applied. Code: SPOOKY Offer runs through until October 21, 2015 and the link […]


Keurig K10 Single Cup Brewer

Photo of a bright green K10 brewer

From: Ruth. Question: My Keurig K10 Mini Plus is dispensing water into the cup while the red light is still flashing. The water starts out cold and gradually gets warmer till it’s hot when the red light goes solid. The water is clear till that happens. Have about 1/3 cup of clear water in the […]


Brewer Indicates Brewing But …

Photo of a cup of weak coffee

From: Pam. Question: Our Keurig indicates brewing. But never does brew. Yes plugged in, water level is ok, reservoir is seated correctly. It seems to be hot just no water flow.


Problem With My Keurig B60

Photo of the cover of the top assembly and the handle being put back into place

From: Dave. Question: Hello! Your site is great!  Thanks for putting together such a wonderful and comprehensive site about Keurig brewer issues. I have a B60 which is about 3 years old now, and recently started doing something odd.  When it draws water from the reservoir into the internal heating tank, there is also a […]


Fair Trade Discount with Keurig

Image of a coffee grower and his son

As October is Fair Trade month Keurig have decided to offer a $2 discount off a selected range of K Cups. Some of these might be part of your regular buy so a few dollars off might be a nice little saving for you. Use the code FAIRTRADE at check out to receive the discount. […]


A Very Dissatisfied Customer

Image of a one year warranty

From: Rosealee. Question: Our Keurig is only a few months old, we use the carafe for the two of us. When brewing we use the 3-4 cup brew cycle, sometimes we get 1 cup of coffee and the next we get a pot running over. Please advise. It does the same thing with a cup, […]


Takes 5 minutes to Make a Cup of Coffee

A photo of the keurig burp on a K550 brewer

From: Warren. Question: Have cleaned everything I can. Have bought your 12.00 cleaner. Still won’t make coffee like it should and always makes a smaller cup than normal. Any suggestions?

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Will Not Brew Through K-Cup

Photo of the entry tubing being placed back on the boiler unit

From: Robbynne. Question: Today my Keurig decides it wants to dump heated water back into the reservoir. I have turned it off, unplugged it re inserted the reservoir, dumped the water put new in. Nothing is making it work through the K-cups.  The blue light is on inside the reservoir with it full of water […]


Poor Product

Photo of a parts replacement for the entry needle gasket

From: Pamela. Question: Very frustrated with this machine.  At times it does not fully brew what I ask it to do and then often times the K-cup runs over, gets plugged up and spill grounds plus a cup full of grounds as well. My address is [withheld].  Please replace this 2.0 and hopefully this new […]


Keurig 2.0 Not Working

Image of a one year warranty

From: Carol. Question: We received a gift of the Keurig 2.0 and were so excited.  After 2 1/2 months it stopped letting water go into the pod. I cleaned as suggested and it worked once and now nothing helps.  Where do I send it?