Keurig Promotions and Coupons

Photo of a sign saying we are cheaper

The other day we wrote about our experience in buying a Keurig K550 recently and provided you with some insight into what we found with price and service at six different online and bricks and mortar retailers. We looked at,, costco,, JC Penny, and Best Buy and mentioned why we in ended up with amazon over all the rest.

In addition to questions we sometimes receive about where to buy a new Keurig, we are also asked if we know anything about promotions or discount codes that Keurig themselves might be running or other retailers. We understand why people do too, as we all want to save a dollar or two and every little bit does help. As an aside, we recently read The Simple Dollar by Trent Hamm, and in there Trent mentions about focusing your spending on what is important and gaining the best “bang for buck” when you do. Although he stopped buying Starbucks coffee the point he makes is very valid; we enjoy our Keurig coffee and so want to get it at the best prices possible.

Our Forum

To this end we set up a small forum (and yes, the uptake has been …. slow, to put it in its best light) where we post codes and promotions as we find out about them. We were hoping our readers would do the same, but alas not yet. Perhaps with time. The only post we did get was some spam! Bless them.

Keurig Club

Our best source of promotions come directly from Keurig themselves through signing up to their Keurig Club email list. As we mention in our article about the club, even with the discounts, Keurig don’t always provide the best prices available. But they are always worth considering, in particular for regular purchases of K-Cups and the odd coffee machine; the membership benefits can be quite good. We are on the bottom rung of their member as we tend to use, but if one concentrated purchasing through their online shop this might well pay in the longer term.

News Feeds

Another technique we use is Google news feed where we have set “Keurig coupons” and “Keurig discounts” discounts set as a regular news feed. So, as they normally are, a discount gets into a media release we will pick this up and be able to let our readers know. We have only started doing this and so we’ll be interested to see how many promotions and discounts we find our about this way. Both Bing and Yahoo have similar services that can help you find out about special offerings from retailers.

For example we just had a news feed that Sam’s Club is offering a great deal on the Keurig K460 bundle at just under $130. Without the news feed we would probably not have come across this offer.


So this is our approach going forward in terms of trying to find the best source of Keurig prices. We’ll continue to use’s K-Cup subscription service as we find this great value and have never been let down by it/