Keurig Springs Into 550 Jobs Creation

Photo of Lithia Dprings

As part of the joint venture with Coca-Cola, which we brought to you last week, Keurig Mountain Coffee Inc announced the other day that it will be building a new production plant for its move into the cold-brew market. As part of this announcement the company plans to create around 550 jobs and spend almost $340 million over the life span of the project in capital and infrastructure development.

The plant is planned for Lithia Springs, which sites just outside of Atlanta. Now we haven’t been to Lithia Springs, but from what we have found out this type of job creation and financial investment is a big deal and will make a big difference to a place that had a total population at its last census of just over 15,000 people. Lithia Springs sites in the county of Douglas, in the state of Georgia. At the moment the town is most famous for the water that bears its name and for which the springs it was named after.