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As part of our recent drive to make this the best website for helping people solve their Keurig brewer problems, we have been making significant changes to our site. These changes have included a new homepage, new content, adding comments and more videos. But then it dawned on us that we had missed a big factor here, and that was You. Surely our readers are the best people to tell us what they want from the site. So that is what we are doing.

We want to hear from you to tell us whether we actually did help you solve the problem you needed help with, what you liked about the site and more importantly what you didn’t. We want to know how you think the site could be improved, how could we have made it easier and quicker for you to get what you needed. For example, did we actually have any material that addressed the problem with your a Keurig? Did that material correctly address that problem and were the solutions practical? Did we have any video material? If we didn’t would that have been any help? Or would you have preferred a written set of step-by-step instructions instead?

The changes we have brought in and ones we are planning we would welcome feedback on too. For example having comments at the end of articles, is this useful? Should we produce more video material, say a video for each problem we address? We thought a forum might be useful, where readers can also contribute and we will learn some new things too.

The reason we have only listed four questions in the survey and with the three of these being text to add, rather than drop lists etc, is we wanted to give our readers an avenue to tell us in their own words, rather than us putting in what we thought.

And because we are looking for really constructive and balanced feedback we wanted to reward people for this. Although the $50 Amazon gift voucher is a modest sum we thought this would provide at least a small token of thanks for the time readers will hopefully put into a well considered response. And we wanted the reward to be on a merit rather than chance basis.

Please be assured for all of those that complete and submit a survey, all responses will be read and all feedback considered. We hope a lot of people will take the time to let us know their thoughts. And in the end help us to make this site the best available on the net for helping solve Keurig brewer issues.

To take part in the survey please click on the survey icon below. We look forward to reading your response ….

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  • Beverly ,

    I have the Kureg for 3 weeks. Today I made one cup of coffee and when I went to make a second cup no water will come through I have tried three times since and it still does not work. I checked the water hole and it is not stopped up. It makes a horrible noise while heating. Help I have company coming tomorrow . I have luring with no water holder

    • torquayau ,

      Hi Beverly, thanks for your question. It sounds like the brewer has a water pump problem. The noise you describe sounds like the water pump is under strain and so the machine is having trouble refilling the boiler unit. As your brewer is still under warranty it’s best to give Keurig Customer Care a call and get a replacement machine sent out. This doesn’t help with company coming tomorrow, but at least you will get a new machine without the same issue. Our page here has their toll free number to call: https://fixingthek.com/understanding-your-keurig-warranty/. All the best, Andrew

      • Carla Vasquez ,

        Mine did this too. .got a new one on t He way..I did all the trouble shooting in the book first..didn’t work