Blinking Blue Light in Removable Water Reservoir

Adding more water … ?

If you look up the help Keurig provides on this issue they pretty say … “just add more water”. But lets assume you have done the obvious and so this answer really is that helpful. Hopefully we can provide you with something more useful …

Cause of the Problem

Keurig are right in that the brewer worked out that it needs more water in the reservoir in order to carry out the brewing cycle you have asked for. The machine measures the water level through a magnetic sensor installed in the body of the brewer, matching this to where the floating magnet is in the reservoir itself.

As you can see in the two photos below, with the first showing the magnetic sensor on the side of our B60 and the second the corresponding magnet in the water reservoir.

B60 Magnetic Sensor B60 Magnetic Water Sensor

When the brewer cannot gain the correct reading from its sensor the logic board thinks, well I better tell the user to add more water. What it can’t work out for itself is if there is anything wrong with the sensor, the magnet or the signal.

Solution 1 – Floating Magnet Check

Check to see that the magnet in the water reservoir can freely move up and down. They can become stuck through build-up or other obstruction. If you need to take the magnet out there are a couple of screws at the top of its casing; remove these and wash out the plastic cradle it sits in.

Solution 2 – Magnet Sensor Check / Replacement

If the floating magnet is working ok the next step is to look at the sensor itself and check that it is connected correctly, with no broken wires.

Rather than go through all of the steps here, check out our dedicated guide to checking the sensor. This guide will take you through all the necessary steps, along with full description and photos.

If you have done this already and had no success then please get in touch with us and we can then work out what to do next.

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  • Hi Shirley. Thanks for your question. Is the brewer taking water from the reservoir ok? Andrew

  • Meeshka ,

    My machine blinks constantly and says add water no matter how full the reservoir is. I’ve tried removing and replacing the reservoir multiple times, descaling the machine and trying to only fill it by pouring water into the reservoir instead of removing it. Nothing works. Now it blinks and doesn’t brew at all. Any suggestions?

  • Hi Enid. Thanks for your question. It does sound like your Keurig is not happy at all. And the two year mark is a common fault time. With the problems you describe the best suggestion, apart from having to buy another coffee maker, is to try replacing the LCD and processor board. We have actually just finished a repair guide for that today, the link is below. It’s a bit work, but for the less than $20 it could save a lot of money in buying a new brewer. Have a look at the guide and if you have any questions please let us know. All the best, Andrew

  • Deeann Michelle Pearson ,

    This site is a guide for you to go by if you are having problems. Its where I ALWAYS come when having problems with my 2.0. Does this mean every problem is going to be covered here? Nope , you need to understand that its a guide and not always is the answer going to fit the problem. They don’t try to make you feel like an Idiot I’m sure, but you bashing them for trying to help sure doesn’t solve your problem and I’m so sorry if you don’t come back to this site because it has helped me a dozen times !!!!!

    • Hi Deeann. Thank you very much for your comments and feedback. It really made our day!

  • Sorry to read we haven’t be able to help you out my friend. We did look at our content on the problem you were having and yes, we could have done much better. So we have been doing some work on it recently and will be improving this area.

    Treating our readers as idiots? We would hope most would disagree with you on this. We go to a lot of trouble trying to explain the problems, and solutions, in a simple and clear manner. From the comments we receive back most people seem to find this a helpful approach (please see Deeann’s excellent response from yesterday).

    Please do bear in mind we do run this site and develop all the content for free. Sometimes we can help people, sometimes we can’t. But we always do our best to try and provide a free and and helpful resource.