Installing the Water Filter

Update March 16 2015:

We have reviewed the material on this page and found that it isn’t a lot of help if you haven’t installed the water filter before or needing to replace it for the first time. And the instructions often provided with your Keurig either don’t mention it at all or are pretty poor.

So if you would like a more up-to-date guide, with photos and easy to follow steps, follow this link to our new water filter guide for more help.


The water filter, not available on all models, provides an excellent means of ensuring you have the best quality of water going into your coffee. To ensure the water filter works to its best there are a few steps that need to be followed to ensure it is fitted correctly.

The first thing to do is soak the filter in some clean, cold water. It doesn’t need to be in there long, but enough so it soaks up a good amount of water over the whole filter mount. Once the filter is placed at the bottom of the Water Handle Assembly, remember to set the timing dial to two months from the day to ensure it is replaced in a timely fashion. The filter needs to be placed firmly into the Assembly to make sure it’s correctly placed to do its job.