No Time on LCD

Setting up the new time …

As clever as the Keurig’s are they can’t, at the moment at least, set their own time. Although we thought that a nice little hook-up to a wi-fi would be nice feature in a future model (which we see they have the function set-up for a future use in the new Keurig 2.0 brewers). But at the moment the time missing from the screen is probably the result of the power being interrupted from the brewer. For instructions on setting the clock for your Keurig brewer we suggest a quick look at our Keurig Manual section to find your model.

If the time cannot be set it is most likely a logic fault on the processor board, which isn’t normally good news. If need to have the time on the LCD and you are prepared for a bit of work, a full processor board replacement will of course solve this problem. We have a dedicated guide to replacing the board, and you can find the guide here.

Photo of a LCD removed from the top panel of a B60