Keurig B40 Will Not Brew




April 28, 2013


I have model B40. Everything on machine shows that is is ready to make a cup, but it does not. Water is in, machine is clean. Any suggestions?


Unfortunately we didn’t hear back from Michele with additional information we needed to help solve the problem with this brewer. There could have been a number of different problems with the machine. Some of the more simple issues could have been the water reservoir wasn’t sitting correctly in its cradle and hence the brewer couldn’t draw water down.

We suspect that the problem was similar to a B60 or B70 NOT READY message and the brewer had suffered an internal logic failure, but unfortunately we will never know.

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  • Hi there. In addition to the lights not working I’m assuming the selections don’t work either? ie it doesn’t allow you to select either cup size? Andrew

  • If there was a logic/processor board failure (which causes multiple faults) I thought it would have fixed the heating issue too (with the replacement you have done). If the logic is ok in telling the boiler when to heat the water, then the only other issue with this is a disruption of the power source to the boiler unit (perhaps the power cables to the main power board?). OR perhaps we have a problem with the water pump in delivering sufficient water to the boiler unit before it is happy to heat the water?

  • Yip, not easy getting to the board. Funny enough yesterday we just released our first guide in how to do this (Sounds like you didn’t need any help there). Would you mind having a look at the article and seeing if you would add anything to it? Thanks, Andrew

  • We find ebay is the best place for these. Reliable sources of Keurig spares can be hard to find. Look forward to hearing how it goes.