How To Descale My Brewer




Getting a message on the guide that says to descale. What do I need to do?  Also the coffeemaker only brews half of what it is set to brew.


Two sources of information will help Theresa for the first descale process of her Keurig. The machine’s manual will have a section on how to do this process. Failing that our article on how to clean a Keurig, sets out the descale cycle that can be followed. We have another section with all of the older manuals, but if it’s a new 2.0 series machine this would have come in the box or Keurig’s website can be accessed.

Since writing our cleaning article we now don’t use vinegar but instead use descaling tablets promoted by Bosch. We use this product in all of our coffee machines at home; so it’s one can recommend with confidence.

The descale process should help the partial brewing (or half cup measure) that the machine is currently brewing. If this isn’t the case, we have a guide that provides a number of solutions to overcome this problem.

Bosch Original Tassimo Descaling Tablets