Keurig Restart: Blinking Lights

Photo of the blue LCD and cup size selection buttons




All of my brewer’s lights are blinking. I tried to reset as suggested but this didn’t work. Please help.


The guidance material George refers to is our Keurig Blinking Light article, which can help with a reset to get a brewer, like George’s, out of its processing lock and back into action. Unfortunately this has not been the case for George.

The problem we face in these cases is there is no reset button for the user to get access to. The only way to effect a reset is to try to recycle the LCD / logic board connection to the power control board or replace the logic board altogether.

The LCD and micro processing board from a B60 brewer

This isn’t a very attractive option to most people, but if one is prepared to have ago it can be a very cost-effective means of getting a coffee maker back from the scrap-heap. We have guidance material on the LCD logic board replacement and this takes you through each step required.