Keurig 2.0: Draining For Storage

New Keurig K550 Box Opening




How do I drain all of the water from the machine for storage?


A great question from Doug about how does one get all the water out of a Keurig so that it can be properly stored.

Unfortunately the short answer to it is one cannot. Once started and filled for the first time out of the box the machines are not designed so the boiler unit can be drained. The brewer will run the water level down to its minimum, as indicated by the Add Water indicator or display, but won’t take it down any further.

The only way we have been able to actually completely drain a boiler unit is taking the machine apart and releasing the pressure from the boiler by removing its air pump and solenoid tube connections. Not something that most want to do.

The top of a boiler unit in a B60 brewer

So in terms of storage the only thing that can be done to keep the brewer in the best shape possible is to make sure it is kept upright and in a dry and cool place. Keeping it upright will reduce the chance of leakage and therefore damage; and keeping it dry and cool is the same for most electrical devices.

Sorry we cannot offer a better solution for the storage of a Keurig. If others out there do have better ideas please get in touch with either a comment below or using our Contact Us page and we’ll get this post updated.