Touch Screen Problems

A Keurig k550 turned-off




I have a 2.0 and it is barely 6 months old and I have had the screen go white until hard boot and the screen get lines through it and then I have problems where the touch screen does not respond.


The email from John today reflects the most common fault we come across for the newer 2.0 series of brewers. Failures in screen function is something we are very concerned to see with these machines. Fortunately for us, our K550 hasn’t had this issue …. yet.

With a brewer of only six months old we recommend to John that he contact Keurig’s customer service team and ask them to send out a new brewer. Even if the machine wasn’t bought from them directly, they still have to honor their one year warranty and they don’t bother repairing these machines. As we mentioned in a post the other day, they don’t make these coffee machines to be repaired … but unfortunately they aren’t being built to last either.

Their customer service can be contacted on the toll-free number 1-866-901-BREW (2739). Normally all they require is the machine’s serial number; don’t worry if you don’t have the receipt.