Keurig 2.0 Water Pump Fault

Photo of the air tube being placed back on the air pump




My water pump goes on and off while brewing a cup. It will run stop run stop it takes 10 min to brew a 8oz cup what can I do.


Jim writes to us today explaining how his 2.0 brewer is struggling to make a cup of coffee. The most likely explanation of a fault with the machine is one of its two pumps; water pump or air pump.

Water Pump Fault

The purpose of the water pump is to bring water from the reservoir and get it in to the boiler unit. A water pump fault will show itself in either water not being drawn at all from the reservoir or it taking a long time for the water to be drawn down.

We have guidance material on water pump replacements and this takes you through each step required to put a new one in the machine.

Photo of a water pump assembly removed from a B60 brewer

Air Pump Fault

A problem with the air pump generally looks like either a partial cup of coffee being made or it taking a long time for the cup to be filled. The function of the air pump is to move the heated water in the boiler unit in to the K Cup and this of course putting the coffee in your mug.

Again we have a repair guide that steps you through the process of putting in a new air pump.

Photo of a detached air pump from a B60

The Keurig Burp and Slap

We suggest with a problem such as Jim describes the burp and slap might just work. If only on a temporary basis, this can get an air pump back into action making a cup of coffee in the right amount of time.

A photo of the keurig burp on a K550 brewer

Warranty Cover

A lot of 2.0 brewer’s are only around a year old at the moment and so we recommend to readers they utilize this warranty cover and ask Keurig to send them a replacement machine. Even if your machine is over a year old, we still recommend you insist on a new machine. In our article last month we mentioned we had heard from readers who had received replacement brewers when their machines were two to three years old.

Their customer service team can be contact on toll-free 1-866-901-BREW (2739). They generally only require the serial number and don’t worry if you no longer have the receipt; not required.