Keurig K-cup Coffee Maker Leakage

Photo of a B60 water pump assmbly detached from the brewer frame




I received the coffee maker less than 2 years ago as a gift.  When I pour water in the water holder it pours water out the bottom. The container is not broken.  Please advise.


The email from Startling suggests the brewer has a leak around the water pump assembly, in particular most likely coming from the water intake system. The water intake pump and tubing connects the water reservoir (where the water is poured into) and the water pump (which delivers the water to the brewer’s boiler unit).

Photo of the B60 water pump tubing to the intake pump

Solution 1 – Water Inlet Inspection / Replacement

When there is a leak like this the best approach is to replace or at least inspect the water assembly to see if the point of leakage can be located. It could be a tube connector has become loose or damaged and replacement of this is quite straight forward.

If the leak can be identified coming from around the inlet connector this replacement only requires the removable of the machine’s base plate. The outer casing can stay on, so saving much time and frustration. The part you are after is pictured below and costs anything from $15 to $30. Both and have this spare available ( tends to be better priced).

Photo of the water intake tubing for a Keurig brewer

Following our guidance on the water pump replacement provides all the steps necessary to take the inlet assembly out. In particular if you pick up the process from Step 6 as the earlier steps relate to the water pump itself coming out and the need to get the outing casing removed etc.

Photo of the water intake pump on a B60

Solution 2 – Water Pump Inspection / Replacement

If the leak looks like it is instead coming from around the water pump itself then a replacement of the pump and its connections should be carried out.

Photo of a Keurig B60 Brewer Water Pump

In this case the full guidance material we mentioned in Solution 1 above will need to be stepped through as you will need to remove the outer casing to be able to reach the power control board. This is a more difficult and time-consuming repair. The part you are looking for is pictured below and again can be purchased through or From the latter it is well priced at around $18.

Photo of a water pump to fir a B60 brewer

If neither of these solutions look like they are going to solve the problem get in touch with us through our Contact Us page and with some more information we may be able to come up with another solution for you.

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