Keurig Coffee Brewer is Leaking

Photo of the tubes being reattached to a B60 water pump




My Coffee Brewer is leaking all over my counter all day.  I have even tried to turn off the power when we went away for the weekend and came home to water all over the counter and floor.  I have probably owned my Keurig for two years, so it is not under warranty. I am thinking of replacing it but I hesitate to buy another Keurig.


From what Kim describes it sounds like the leak will be coming from around the water pump assembly, the most common area of problem with this type of fault.

Photo of a B60 water pump assmbly detached from the brewer frame

As the brewer is out of warranty attempting a repair on the pump would be worthwhile, with a new water pump costing between $10 to $20. We have a repair guide that will take you through the steps, with descriptions and photos of what to do at each stage. Our replacement page lists a range of parts that can be purchased, including a water pump (as pictured below).

Photo of a water pump to fir a B60 brewer