Keurig Coffee Brewer

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My Keurig has been a problem since day one:
1. The water does not get hot enough – I have to put the cup into the microwave after brewing to get my coffee hot enough.
2. The coffee packets keep getting stuck in the holder. Yes, I get the correct pods for the Keurig I have.
3. Grinds come out of the packets. I believe we got a defective cup coffee maker. It would be wonderful if it worked well, but this one does not! I would ask that you consider replacing it. Thank you!


The email from Paula today does suggest she purchased a rather defective machine. Although the temperature of the coffee can be affected by the user, we wrote about this back in March with some helpful tips in getting the best coffee from your Keurig.

Photo of a 6 ounce cup of coffee

However in regards to the other two issues Paula raises we would think there may be a significant fault with the machine as this should not be happening – and it’s not something we have heard about in the new Keurig 2.0 coffee machines.

Our advice to Paula is to get hold of Keurig customer service and ask a new brewer be sent out under their one year warranty program. All that is needed is the machine’s serial number and one’s contact details so the new brewer can be sent out. If the brewer had been registered on-line at the time of purchase then they will hold this already.

Keurig’s customer support team can be contacted, toll-free, on: 1-800-361-5628 (for Canadian residents). For those in the USA their number is: 866‑901‑BREW (866‑901‑2739).

We would also like to mention here that as much as we would love to send out new brewers to Keurig customers, we feel it’s really the company’s job and not ours. As we mention on our site we don’t have any connection with Keurig Green Mountain Inc, but rather are here to support those that just need some advice / help to get their brewer back into working condition – or a new one being sent our under the warranty in place with Keurig.