Not Drawing Water Into System

Photo of the solenoid detached from the brewer with all tubes removed




Hi, my machine is pouring hot water from the vent into the reservoir, but no water makes it to the K cup into the mug.  I have slapped the machine upside down, cleaned the needle holes, and tried every solution to get it to brew.  Any other suggestions?


Robin has tried all the initial actions we would suggest. Over on our article covering this topic the Keurig Burp is recommended and cleaning the needles also makes sense – just to eliminate that possibility.

We have a few more suggestions to see if we can get the brewer back working again.

Descaling Solution

We are not sure in this case whether the brewer will perform this function properly as the reason for the blockage is not clear (and from what Robin writes they have probably tried it). Running a good descaling solution however may help. The product we use on all of our coffee machines (Keurig and Tassimo) is marketed by Bosch and we have found it very good.

Bosch Original Tassimo Descaling Tablets

The other product we suggest is released by Keurig themselves and also looks very good, although we have not tried this ourselves.

Image of a care kit issued by Keurig for their brewers

Solenoid Replacement

If having tried the descale solution there is still no joy our next suggestion is to replace the solenoid completely. This will most likely be the component causing the pressure release problem. The purpose of the solenoid is to assist in the regulation of water and air pressure. It connects to both the air pump and the boiler unit and helps the brewer ensure the correct air and therefore water pressure is maintained in the boiler unit.

Photo of a solenoid attached to a Keurig B60 coffee machine

It does not sound like an air pump issue, which often comes up as a partial cup of coffee, as the air pump works with the solenoid in getting the water out of the boiler, and in this case, putting it back into the water reservoir.

And we know it’s not a water pump problem as the cold water is getting into the boiler unit ok and the machine isn’t discharging cold water into the reservoir (which would come from the water pump).

We have a repair guide that takes one through all the steps necessary to repair the solenoid unit, with full descriptions and photographs.


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