Water Not Heating




Turned my unit on to make a cup of coffee as usual, water pumped into boiler. Water never heated, blue ready light never came on. Is the heating element bad? Had no problems prior to this. Just stopped heating. Thanks.


We don’t see many problems with heating elements or sensors with the Keurigs, but unfortunately this does look like what we see with the problem Ron describes.

The top of a boiler unit in a B60 brewer

Heating Element Failure

The most common cause of problem, such as Ron describes, is a failure in the heating element. The replacement of the boiler unit is the most difficult repair on a Keurig and not one we have attempted our selves yet (at some point we’ll produce a repair guide for this too). With the result that the replacement of the whole brewer is often the only option. Although there are plenty of good second hand machines on places like eBay, we wouldn’t buy a Keurig second hand as the level of failure out of warranty (often around the two or three year mark is too high).

So unfortunately we cannot be of any help to Ron other than to confirm what he already suspected and that it is a heating element problem which, from our experience, is only solved through a boiler unit replacement.


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