Leaking B140

Photo of a parts replacement for the entry needle gasket




My coffee maker is leaking from the K Cup assembly housing system and there’s a lot of coffee grind coming out from the k cups after brewing. My Keurig unit is I think B140 small office brewer or the B145.


From what Robert describes there does sound like a seal problem around the portion pack holder (it’s the fancy name Keurig give to the K Cup holder). A couple of things Robert could try to help solve this problem.

New K Cup Holder – Free

As we mentioned in the reply to Trish the other day, contacting Keurig customer service and asking for replacement part does work – in particular when it comes to the K Cup holder. We have heard from readers who have done this and had a free holder posted out. They will probably want the machine’s serial number, which we have short article on if you have any problems finding it.

Keurig’s customer service team can be contacted toll-free, on: 1-800-361-5628 (for Canadian residents). For those in the USA their number is: 866‑901‑BREW (866‑901‑2739).

Gasket Washer Replacement

The other thing we would do in Robert’s case is replace the entry needle gasket washer. As you can see in the photo below the entry needle has a small washer that helps to form a proper seal for the needle and so ensuring a good connection in to the K Cup.

Photo of B60 brewer's entry needle and screws that secure the top assembly cover

Any movement or damage to the gasket will cause, just as Robert describes, leakage of water and coffee grounds.

The gasket doesn’t cost much, should be around $5 to $6 on eBay, and should do the trick. What you are looking for is pictured below. Our parts replacement page provides a bit more detail about this part, and this page can be found here.

Photo of a parts replacement for the entry needle gasket

With these few changes Robert should have his B140 back making great coffee gain.