Where Are The Keurig Promo Codes?

Saving Money on K-Cups

Even though our site is primarily run to help people with technical faults with their Keurig brewers we sometimes get asked if we know of any good codes for either buying a new machine itself or buying the K-Cups on a regular basis. So we wanted to put together a post on this so we can share with you what we have found and hopefully something others will find useful.

The first thing to say here is we do have a search on a regular basis for coupons in buying our normal range of K-Cups we like and have found there is very little out there other than what comes directly from Keurig themselves, and we’ll come to their current promotions, or online stores like Amazon.com and their regular subscription deals. We have generally found offers that come up in search engine results pages, eg Google and Bing, are either old, and so no longer valid, are a copy of what Keurig is doing at that moment or worse, are a malicious ploy for personal data or a virus trap. This of course is not unique to Keurig coupons, with many other popular brands and products over the years suffering from the same issues online.

So as much as we would like to bring you a link or code to regular large savings for Keurig products we aren’t able to, and we have found neither are others (although if you do have one you would like to share please do get in touch and we would be happy to let our readers know).

What we have found that does work, although we know rather dull, and probably something you are doing already, are using Keurig themselves when they have specials on or our trusty regular purchases with Amazon.


  • a subscription to Keurig.com (you can do this at any point or you may be already if you have registered your brewer with them for warranty purposes) is the best way to be finding out about their up-coming specials. They will let you know when they have promotions on and savings can be made. Although over the years we haven’t always found these to be that good a value for money, the odd one does come along just when you need it. For example, some time ago we were wanting to stock up on K-Cups for ourselves and to buy some for friends and they ran quite a good promotion – I think it was around 20{6c1d21b28c072de11df6e8c2943245f6562f7e83976247c978ee0544fdd5791f} off – for purchases of more than so many boxes.
  • a similar promotion they are running currently, which ends November 23, 2o14, is $10 off 5 selected boxes in their range. So for example our recent order of 5 boxes of French Roast Blend Coffee had a members price of $59.70, including free postage (which you receive for purchases above $45.00). This order included the $10.00 off, so giving a discount of just over 14{6c1d21b28c072de11df6e8c2943245f6562f7e83976247c978ee0544fdd5791f}.


  • now we have to mention here that amazon is often our normal shop for purchasing K-Cups. We like the fast service, normally fast shipping and hassle free approach to shopping online.
  • when we were preparing the order we described above we also went to amazon.com to see what the price comparison was like, and the same purchase, again with free shipping, came to $68.30. So almost the difference being the $10 off – and like we find amazon is normally a little cheaper – which adds up over a year.

So over the years we have found these steps the best approach to making modest, yet consistent, savings off the regular retail price with our purchases of K-Cups. You aren’t going to be able to pay the mortgage off or buy a car on the money you save, but every little bit does help.