Descale Light

Image of a care kit issued by Keurig for their brewers




My descale light is on after just a few days from cleaning machine. Vinegar was used in the clean.


Drew writes to us with a brewer that still thinks it needs a descale despite only having just been through one. We are very weary of vinegar in the cleaning of Keurig’s and don’t use it any more in any of our different coffee machines.

Back in April in a response to a question from Dave and in July in replying to Patten, we think a lot of Keurig brewer problems are stemming from the use of vinegar in the descale process. Even though Keurig use to recommend it, we see now they are moving away from this and have released their own cleaning agent.

What we would recommend to Drew is to try one of two different cleaning agents and see if this will help sort the machine out. The one we use is marketed by Bosch and is pictured below. We use this in all of our coffee machines and found it very good. You just dissolve the capsule into the water reservoir and put the brewer into a cleaning cycle. The machines needs a few rinse cycles and be allowed to stand and dry for a while.

Bosch Original Tassimo Descaling Tablets

The other product that Keurig have recently bought on to the market is their own cleaning agent and we do like their cleaning kit (pictured below). Running a descale and changing the filter makes sense and their product looks good. We haven’t tried it ourselves and so would like to hear from anyone who has.Image of a care kit issued by Keurig for their brewers


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